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The Legend Lives On!

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We are located in the little community of Winnetka in the San Fernando Valley, all part of Los Angeles California.

We have been at this same location since 1951.

Heideneau tires are now available for your GS!

Our 2016 R1200RS arrived and went to it’s new home immediately; another one due in a week or so.

The long awaited S1000XR will be arriving around the second week of June.

Service appointments are being set for the Rear Wheel Flange Recall - call and get on the list.

Added a couple of new pre-owned BMW’s to our stable of slightly used and starter bikes - call for details of this ever changing list.

BMW has a new universal tank cover kit designed to hide those unfortunate scratches; very reasonable and classy.

Our upcoming Ride and Style Department will feature the latest in BMW apparel and gear when completed in a few weeks.

Demo rides are available for the K1300S and R1200R. Call and make sure they are available when you want to test ride.


It will be dirty, dusty and things will not be in their normal places during the next couple of months as we clean up and renovate the shop. Years of covering up damage and wear will be repaired, earthquake cracks over earthquake cracks will be fixed and a new tile floor installed. A REAL bathroom will go in, shelving down and walls painted, doors widened, added and closed, electrical updated so the microwave doesn’t shut down the computers. The building is 65 years old and it shows it’s age.

Some things will be visible, some will not. We have spent the last couple of months going thru old parts boxes, shaking out the dust to make certain no tiny part is hidden and then disposing of them. Most had been hand labeled by Dad/Pop (Jay) when he created a parts department in 1951; many had Laurie’s typed labels and later, handwritten numbers. The boxes had been reused several times with a number on one end and another on the other end. Boxes labeled for Cushman, Mustang and BSA are now gone; early BMW pistons and rings are safely preserved still in their boxes. Most NSU parts are gone.

When Ruth and Jay Richter bought the property on Saticoy, they built their “dream home” of an apartment above a garage/workshop, the structure is on the commercial part of the property and the downstairs garage/workshop was built and permitted as an “automotive repair facility”. Dad (Jay) had a great workshop with all kinds of “guy toys” enabling him to build an airplane as well as several 3 wheeled BMW’s and many trailers in the space after he retired. The machine shop equipment is gone, 50 years of files are gone (not his original handwritten repair/work orders); underground data, security and communication have been placed, shelving repurposed, space planned out, skylight installed, etc. and we’re almost ready.

Parts and Service will be moving into the ground floor of the other building where there is room for more lifts, cleaner and cooler environment for the techs especially during the summer. Last summer’s fuel pump replacements in 100 plus weather outside was brutal.

We ask for your patience and understanding as this is no easy task.

We will not be closing during this transition; however fewer service appointment days will be available as we make the move. As always, bikes older than 10-12 years which are projects or “get-running” will be put on a waiting list or referred out. While we love the challenge, we will not have space to do tear downs and storage during the transition. Space will be at a premium as we need to find temporary spots for the showroom inventory while the floors are repaired and retiled and painted and doors modified. We have been packing in 24 bikes into the 900 square foot front shop shared with the desk and counter. The new showroom will be where the current parts and service departments reside.

It will be a real challenge to get thru this by the end of June.

However, after what we have been thru the last couple of years, we are up to it!

It will be so worth the effort. The guaranteed dust, dirt, noise and confusion are part of the price we will pay to achieve the end result.

It will be cleaner, fresher, and safer, but it will still be West Valley Cycle Sales and the Legend Lives On...!

BMW G 650 GS Sertao
Dirt looks good on it!

BMW's G650 GS single takes you to work and play,when the dusty hill leads you to a stream for a bath, the Sertao is your ride.Whether your daily commute takes you thru winding roads or straight highways, the Sertao is your ride.
This 2014 has 652cc's, 50 horses, clean lines, great mileage, legendary ABS brakes, heated grips and an accessory socket for your must have electronic creature comforts, the Sertao is your ride.

Nimble and quick at 432 pounds Sertao is the perfect starter bike, the fun play bike or the all around

"I can do it all bike." with BMW's 3 year/36,00 mile warranty, it loves to wave as it passes the gas pump!

Close out on 2014 BMW G 650GS Sertao's now. Call for price!

So much to share...

The 2015’s are here except for the RS and XR.

The new 2015 R 1200R, R1200RT, R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure all come with Keyless Ride.

Jay delights in telling a prospective owner, “just push the button” when he has the transmitter in his pocket half a parking lot away!

As Rick says after spending few days with the R1200R “it’s really nice not having to take your gloves off and mess with keys at the gas station.”

Our 2015 F800’s are here in the GS, GT and the re-introduced F800R
Test Rides are available on select models.

Close out prices on the few remaining 2014 models, call for inventory and pricing before they’re gone.

Check out the BMW page for details.

The Cushman StepThru’s have been released and are ready for shipment.
Meanwhile, the Pre-production Prototype CushmanII Eagle is pictured on the Cushman page.

A nice selection of previously owned BMW’s are finally rolling in as well as a couple of DEMO’s; call for current inventory.

Ethanol gas continues to present problems, the Service page highlights some problems and offers a solution.

More recently on Yelp:

"The folks at West Valley Cycle were absolutely top notch. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering a BMW.

I purchased a BMW from someone who lived near LA and for various reasons I could not actually look at the bike. This is the ONLY dealer in the LA area that I would trust as my eyes and ears in looking it over on my behalf. Not only did they do an impeccable job in testing the bike, but they were also nice enough to store the bike for FREE for several days while I worked out a deal with the seller and until I could pick it up.

I had the pleasure with dealing with every person that works there. They were all as nice as can be and as friendly as you could hope and most importantly highly competent and very knowledgeable.

I am not from the area, but I can say that I would ride my bike an hour or more out of the way for West Valley Cycle to look at it.

West Valley Cycle is what a bike shop should be."

Steve P.
New York, NY


"A hidden gem unique in so many ways:
As a motorcycle dealer, this is one of the country's oldest - you can tell this is a legacy establishment. A treasure of history in the center of LA's heart and soul: the Valley.
As a SoCal BMW motorcycle dealer: no other dealership comes close.
As a family-run business: I've been to many family-run establishments, but the genuine care I received the first time I walked in their shop was on another level--almost of another time. We spoke about the rich history of the San Fernando Valley, and the lovely lady who had just assumed responsibility for the business (the family members who previously run the business had passed away recently) was kind enough to walk inside to her library and lend me a book by Kevin Roderick called "San Fernando Valley: America's Suburb" (a superb book), to welcome me back home (as I just moved back). What a wonderful person.

I was doing my motorcycle maintenance in my garage, but having met the Richters I almost want something I can't handle fixing to happen so I have an excuse to go see them again!
This family deserves all the support it can get."

Omar E.
Beverly Hills, CA

As a new rider, Ruth at WVCS had the patience of a saint with my endless questions and research on BMW bikes. She was also realistic about bikes I should look at considering my level of expertise and goals.

I've spent several hours there and watching how they treat their customers I'm convinced this is the shop I'll buy my bike from. People describe it as an old fashioned bike shop, I can see that.

Great people, great resource, and am glad they're close to me.

Jim A.
Los Angeles, CA

My experience with West Valley has been top notch and far better than larger dealerships. They take great care to ensure your satisfied with with buying your bike and getting your service. Ruth and John treat you more like family than a customer and if recommend them to anyone interested in a BMW.

Capm P.
Los Angeles, CA

20212 SATICOY STREET    •     WINNETKA CA 91306     •     (818) 341-7221

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